New blog; New identity

February 4, 2016


You may have noticed a few changes around here. First, a new domain name: I am moving away from ChrisMar035 in favor os something, as I said on Twitter, that “better show my love of programming and blocking vulcanized rubber disks with my body.” Also, my last name is not Mar.

Along with Twitter, I’ll be moving other usernames to codegoalie shortly. I already snagged Either way, if you see codegoalie or chrismar035 anywhere, it’s probably me.

Update 2016-07027: I updated my Github username to @codegoalie. If you’ve cloned some public repos or were following me, change those links. I’ve also re-registered @chrismar035 again and will be updating repos with links to the new corresponding ones.


Christopher R Marshall


Enjoys programming web applications; especially in Go and Ruby. Also enjoys playing ice hockey as a goalie and playing the guitar.