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Update: HURRAY!!! It was approved!! Get it now at

I just submitted this to the persona site. If you love Breaking Bad as much as I do and can’t wait for Mozilla to approve it (I don’t even know how long it takes), there are instructions about adding your own custom Persona from Mozilla.

In Brief: First download these images: BB_top_header.jpg BB_footer.png
Then, if you don’t have the Personas add-on, go here to get it. After restarting Firefox, right click on the lil’ fox in the lower left of Firefox and from Preferences, check Show Custom Persona in Menu. Then click the fox again and choose Custom > Edit. Select these Images: Header: BB_top_header.jpg; Footer: BB_footer.png. I used white for the text color and a dark green for the accent color. Click Ok.

That’s it! Enjoy the Breaking Bad awesomeness!!

UPDATE: I found out that it usually takes about a week for a Persona to get approved which should be around Friday March 26, 2010. I will update this post when I hear word. If you see if before me, let me know in the comments!


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